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About Hot Shots

Hot Shots specializes in creating Beautifully Crafted, Personalized Shot Glasses for all occasions. We first began producing Custom Imprinted Shot Glasses back in 1999 and have continually strived to better serve our Customers, providing them with the finest Products and Customer Services possible.

We give special attention to producing stunning Shot Glass Wedding Favors and Creative Custom Shot Glasses for special event. We also produce Promotional Shot Glasses for distributors and suppliers in the Advertising and Promotion Product Industry. We are the Specialist when it comes to Shot Glasses!

We at Hot Shots knew early on that our success would depend on the quality of our Shot Glass Favors and maybe most importantly, how well we would take care of our Customers. We knew if we could earn our Customer’s trust, their repeat business and referrals to friends and family members, we would then know we are doing it right! We are absolute committed in earning your trust and your confidence that you will be 100% satisfied with our Customer Service and our Personalized Shot Glass Favors. Please click here to read our Customer Comments, as they are a real testimonial of how well we are doing. READ TESTIMONIAL LINK HERE!


We have a keen understanding of what it is like for a stranger to do business with another stranger over the Internet. We also are Internet Customers and we have, at times had the same concerns…. so Hot Shots decided to do something about that. We offer our Customers the best Satisfaction Guarantee on the Internet, a Guarantee that has real substance and spells out exactly what we will do if you are not satisfied. To complement our Guarantee, we are keenly aware of the importance of “Internet Customer Service” and how it must take on an extremely important role when one is doing business over the Internet. When a Customer can not walk into your store and meet with you in person, there is feeling of risk and insecurity doing business with a stranger, especially, when you can only communicate with them by email or phone. We have made our Internet Customer Service a corner stone of how we do business with our Customers over the Internet. Since we specialize only in Shot Glasses and a few other related products, we don’t have thousands of miscellaneous items to manage and deal with, and that allows us to offer all our Internet Customers, a very Personalized Customer Service, focused on a carefully selected range of product items.

We believe our Customer Service must begin with quick and responsive service from the moment you first contact us, up through the time you receive your order. We keep a close eye on the Imprinting Process and personally check every Imprinted item to ensure customer satisfaction and that they receive exactly what they should expect to receive. Custom Shot Glass Imprinting has a special meaning to us……. it’s a thought, an idea an image that someone has and they want it to be personal and they want it to be special. We go to great lengths to help you create that special item for that special event you are planning for. We will treat you with respect, we will treat you with honesty and we will make every effort to earn your business and referrals to your friends. We call our Customer Service “Customer Service that Cares”


…….. it will exceed your Expectations!


We hope our Website has been helpful and informative and you find that special item and service that you are looking for,
if not please let us know.

All Products

  • Product Image

    Tequila Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Tequila Shot Glass Frost

    144 pcs $1.19ea
  • Product Image

    Square Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.09ea
  • Product Image

    Flare Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.19ea
  • Product Image

    Fluted Base Shot Glass

    144 pcs $1.39ea
  • Product Image

    Classic Shot Glass Lite

    144 pcs $0.81ea
  • Product Image

    Classic Shot Glass Heavy

    144 pcs $0.95ea
  • Product Image

    Classi Shot Glass Frost

    144 pcs $0.89ea
  • Product Image

    Votive Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Ceremic Shot Glass White

    144pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Ceramic Shot Glass Black

    144 pcs $1.06ea