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Important Imprinting Information & Services

The following information is very important, please read it carefully before placing an Imprinting Order. This will help you provide us with the information we need in processing your order.


Hot Shots uses a Kiln Fired, Silk Screen Imprinting process that produces a permanent, scratch proof, dishwasher safe Imprinted Design! The imprinted is permanent and will last the “Life-time” of the Shot Glasses.

Silk Screen Imprinting is basically, a three-step process. Screen Plates are required for transferring the Design onto the glasses and are made from a special, finely woven mesh that is stretched over a frame to form what is called a Screen Plate. The Artwork that is to be imprinted must be photographically copied onto the Screen Plates. Each different color in a Design requires its own Screen Plate. The Screen Plates are an integral part of the Imprinting System that enables the Design to be transferred onto the Shot Glasses, one color at a time.
Frit Inks, are a special glass ink that are used when permanent bonding of a Design onto glass is required. Frit Inks are very durable, and when properly applied and Kiln fired will result in a permanent bonding of the Imprinted Design onto the glass substrate. To complete the bonding process, the imprinted Shot Glasses must be Kiln Fired at temperatures up to 1,200 degrees for a period of 3 to 4 hours, depending on the size and thickness of the Shot Glasses and the cooling-down time required.


Acceptable Artwork

Graphic Designs: It is very important that we receive your Design Artwork in an acceptable format and of good quality, as the quality of your Artwork will go a long way in determining the quality of the Graphic Design imprinted on the Shot Glasses. If you are planning to have a Graphic Design Imprinted, then you must provide us with “Print Ready Artwork”

Acceptable Print Ready Artwork, is any Graphic Design that has been created in Illustrator or Photoshop and saved in the correct File Format. Illustrator files must be saved in either .AI or .EPS formats. Photoshop Files must be saved as a jpeg file, at high resolution of 600 dpi.

Please Note: Our low Imprinting Prices do not include Graphic Design Services or any re-work of your Design Artwork that you have emailed us. If we have to re-work your Graphic Design, there will be an additional charge based on the amount of work required. We do not normally offer Design Services except upon special request.


Unacceptable Artwork Formats

Any Design file that was created or saved in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint or any other non-graphic software programs is not acceptable! Fax copies, Photographs and copies, Paintings, Images saved from the Internet are also not acceptable.


No Cost Design Help

If you are planning to have only “text” imprinted, we will do the layout and create the Imprinting Artwork for you, free of charge. You may also select one or two Design Decorations from our Clip Art Gallery and have them included in the Design layout. If you have your own simple Decoration you would like us to use, we can do that but it must be a high resolution (600 dpi) jpeg file or an Illustrator file, anything else we will not be able to use.

What we will need from you is “what you want to say”, the Decoration(s) you may have chosen, the Font Style and Color(s) you would like and then, give us some idea how you would like your design laid out. We will create the Design and help advise you with the layout, Decorations, Color and Font selections, to ensure the best possible Imprinting results.

** With Free Design Services included a fair amount of a couple hour of creating your artwork proofs based on 1 or 2 of Cliparts and Fonts combine together, Some changes after the 5th proof we will have to charge $8 to create each extra artwork proofs.

*Artwork Proof will be sent together with Invoice after you confirm the price quote and ready to pay for your order.*


Color Matching

Color Matching represent a special problem that we feel is very important for you to understand. The main problem is how the colors in our Color Chart may look on different Computer Monitors. What you see on your monitor may look slightly different from the actual color that will be Imprinted on the Shot Glasses. Knowing this, we can not offer you a Color Match Guarantee…….. but, we will make ever effort to help guide you in your color selection and design choice, to achieve the best color match possible.

It is also important for you to know that Text Only Designs will not have a Bold look on clear Shot Glasses, especially if your Font selection is of thin, script style text and you chose light color shades. The bolder the Font Style, and selecting colors of darker shades will product the best results.


Print Sizing

Unless otherwise requested by you, we will imprint the image in a size and position that looks best on the Shot Glass you have selected.



We will provide you with an email Artwork proof of how your design will look on the Shot Glasses of your choice. We can not provide you with an Actual Finished Sample due to cost constraints.

Please Note: We can not guarantee an exact color match of the photo proof we send you and the final imprinting on the Shot Glasses, there may be some color variations. The photo proof we send you may not represent the exact colors that the Kiln Fired Shot Glasses will have, but we come as close as possible, considering the differences in how the proof is created and how the finished product is produced. We make every effort to achieve the correct color match of the colors you have chosen. We can provide you with a quote to produce an actual Kiln Fired Proof if your design and color requirements are that demanding. For additional Color Matching details, please see Important Color Matching Information.


Production Lead Time

Imprinting production time requires 15-20 days to complete and ready for shipment. We can not begin production until we have an approved design from you, in an acceptable Artwork Format and your Online Credit Card Payment has been received.


Rush Orders

Hot Shots does not undertake Rush Orders. We are totally committed to producing a quality product and provide the best Customer Service possible. Rush Orders place an unacceptable burden on our commitment to Quality and Service. Quality suffers when Quality is rushed. All of us at Hot Shots take much pride in our work and our personal commitments to our Internet Customer Service.


Over-runs and Under-runs

Hot Shot always imprints reserve extras to replace any imprinted glasses that are defective or do not meet our Quality Standards and we do this at no charge to our Customers.


Delivery Time

We ship all Imprinting Orders,it usually takes from 2 to 6 days for a shipment to arrive at the recipient’s address, provided there are not holds or delays during shipping.

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