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Glassware Pantone Color Chart

Standard Colors

Light Blue
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Satin Etch

***Satin Etch will not show up on any Frost Glasses.

Important Color Matching Information .... Please read carefully!

Trying to match colors that are imprinted on glassware with colors you select “online” is not an exact Science. A perfect match of your selected colors and what can be imprinted on glass may not always be achieved. We provide you with a Color Chart to help you select the colors you want in your design, but it is important for you to know that we can not guarantee a perfect color match. This may be possible if you were to supply us with true color swatches and our color sample proofs are approved by you but this is a costly and time consuming process and should only be necessary for very demanding design requirements.

The colors featured on our Color Chart may look slightly different when viewed on different computers and monitors and most importantly, slightly different than the actual colors imprinted on Shot Glasses. Another important factor to consider, is the color of the Shot Glasses you may select for imprinting. Most colors and color shades will look different on different colored Shot Glasses and some colors hardly show up if the color is similar to the color of the Shot Glass. Colors imprinted on a Clear Shot Glass, will not look the same if imprinted on a Frosted Shot Glass.

Although we can not guarantee color matches, we do make a special effort in our imprinting process to achieve the closest color match possible. We will help guide you in your color selection to help ensure the best possible imprinting results. Your understanding of the Color Imprinting process on Glass, will help us in achieving the results you are expecting.

We would also like you to know that Decal, Kiln Fired Imprinting, the best imprinting technique used on glass, has its color limitations. That is why you will see only a limited color selection in our Color Chart. Decal, Kiln Fired Applications produces a permanent bond of the design onto the glass. The printing is not a coating on glass, it actually becomes a part of the glass substrate. When using this type of imprinting on glass, a special Ink is required, called Frit Inks and without using a Frit Ink the bonding process could not take place.

If your imprinting requirements are dictated by a complex design and/or require specific color matches, it is advised that you contact us so we can discuss imprinting details that may be associated with design requirements.


Important: Imprinting Text only Designs

Designs that are composed of only text will not show up as well as a graphic design, especially on clear Shot Glasses. Graphic designs tend to cover lots of print area whereas, text does not. Even Bold Fonts will not show up as well as a graphic design. You will be advised to select fonts that are as bold as possible and the darker the color(s) the better. Light tone colors will not show up well. One way to overcome the font print problem is to print text over a solid background color, if that is possible, to get the best results.

All Products

  • Product Image

    Tequila Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Tequila Shot Glass Frost

    144 pcs $1.19ea
  • Product Image

    Square Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.09ea
  • Product Image

    Flare Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.19ea
  • Product Image

    Fluted Base Shot Glass

    144 pcs $1.39ea
  • Product Image

    Classic Shot Glass Lite

    144 pcs $0.81ea
  • Product Image

    Classic Shot Glass Heavy

    144 pcs $0.95ea
  • Product Image

    Classi Shot Glass Frost

    144 pcs $0.89ea
  • Product Image

    Votive Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Ceremic Shot Glass White

    144pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Ceramic Shot Glass Black

    144 pcs $1.06ea