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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer  Satisfaction Guaranteed

In order for our Guarantee to be credible and have real meaning, you must know exactly what the Guarantee means and most importantly, you need to know exactly what Hot Shots will do if you are not satisfied with the product or services that you received.

You our Customer, also have an important responsibility when submitting your order to us, so we can honor our Guarantee to you. You must be responsible for the accuracy of the information that you provide us and confirm that it is correct and compete by providing us with a Final Approval of your Artwork Proof prior to imprinting.

If you have a problem with your order, please contact us within 10 days after you receive the shot glasses, if not Hot Shots will not be responsible for any problems.


Imprinting Guarantee

We will be considered at fault if we are the cause of an error in the imprinting of your approved Artwork Proof, such as, misspelled text, an incorrect imprint color, wrong Clipart, or any other error that is different from the Artwork Proof that you have approved.


Personalized Order imprinted items


You will be responsible for carefully checking over the final Artwork Proof to be sure that everything is correct and by approving said Artwork Proof you are confirming your approval of the Shot Glass selection and the Design Artwork that will be imprinted.

Please note that we are not able to guarantee that the colors you see in your Artwork Proof as displayed on your Computer Screen or as it may appear on imprinted paper, may not be an exact match of the colors you selected from our Pantone Color Chart. Please click here for more detailed information on Color Matching.

Glassware Product Guarantee

We further Guarantee, that the glassware you receive will not be defective and will meet or exceed the Industry Standards for acceptable quality of glassware products.

There is a Standard of Glassware Quality within the Glassware Industry as to what constitutes defective Glassware and what is not considered defective Glassware. It is normal for there to be minor imperfections in Glassware that are the results of the Glassware Manufacturing Process that can not be avoided and minor imperfections are acceptable and not considered defective Glassware. We inspect all our Shot Glasses prior to imprinting and make a best effort to catch any defects that we feel are not acceptable.

Delivery Time Guarantee

What we can not guarantee Delivery Time against, are conditions not within our control, such as delays due to weather conditions, carrier delays and Custom delays at port of entry.

What Our Satisfaction Guarantee means to you and what Hot Shots will do to honor that Guarantee!

If after validation and confirmation by our Customer Support Staff, that Hot Shot is at fault in our Guarantee as described above, Hot Shots will refund the full amount of your payment and charge back that amount to your Credit Card or Bank Account. As an option to you, Hot Shot may consider offering you a discount refund if you decide that the error in your order is minimal and can be accepted by you in opposition to a full refund. Hot Shots will reserve the right to reprint your order or issue a refund.

All Products

  • Product Image

    Tequila Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Tequila Shot Glass Frost

    144 pcs $1.19ea
  • Product Image

    Square Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.09ea
  • Product Image

    Flare Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.19ea
  • Product Image

    Fluted Base Shot Glass

    144 pcs $1.39ea
  • Product Image

    Classic Shot Glass Lite

    144 pcs $0.81ea
  • Product Image

    Classic Shot Glass Heavy

    144 pcs $0.95ea
  • Product Image

    Classi Shot Glass Frost

    144 pcs $0.89ea
  • Product Image

    Votive Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Ceremic Shot Glass White

    144pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Ceramic Shot Glass Black

    144 pcs $1.06ea