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Important Policy Information


Shot Glasses Quality:

Hot Shots has made a special effort to provide its Customers with high quality Shot Glasses. There is no doubt that Libby Glassware has set the "Quality Standards" for the entire Glassware Industry. Libby has earned that reputation and Hot Shots makes a commitment to its Customers of providing them with comparable quality Shot Glasses. We back our Shot Glasses with a 30 day "Replacement Guarantee" for defective Shot Glasses. See Replacement Guarantee below. While this is not a common practice in the market place, this is “Our” commitment to you!

Quality of Imprinting:

Hot Shots uses the best Glassware Imprinting Process available in the industry. We use only Decal & Direct, Kiln Fired Imprinting Applications. Special Frit Inks are use in the Screen Printing process, resulting in a permanent bonding of the design to the glass during the Firing process. This process ensures the permanency of the design and it can not be removed or scraped off. The design is scratch proof & dishwasher safe and will last the lifetime of the Shot Glass.

Shot Glass Replacement Guarantee:

Hot Shots will replace all defective glassware that contains any of the following defects: deformed glass, large or excessive bubbles, top rims that are not well formed and rounded but flat and pitted. Hand Blown Glassware of course is hand made and, therefore, will not meet the same standards as Machine Blown or Machine Pressed glassware. Certain irregularities are to be expected and do not represent defective glassware.


All listed prices are in US Currency. Set-up Fees and Shipping charges are not included. Quantity price breaks are based on the total number of cartons purchased per order. Total carton quantities may be a combination of any product item in order to meet minimum quantity price breaks.

Credits and Claims:

Claims for defective glassware, returns and credits must be made within 30 days of receipt of the product. Authorization must be obtained prior to returning the glassware. Returns resulting from error on the customer's part will be accepted upon prior approval and at the customer's expense. A 15% restocking charge will apply to all customer returns. Only unopened cartons will be accepted. Due to the fact that our product is glass, and therefore fragile, it should be expected that some breakage may occur. Excessive breakage claims must be filed with the carrier.


Shipping Cost: To be included in Quote based on quantity ordered. Shipments within USA take 4 to 6 days for delivery, depending on where you are located.

Import Duty and Tax Charges:

For orders shipping to all countries outside of the USA – Country Duties and/or Taxes may be assessed upon entry and are not included in the Shipping Charges you were quoted. Payment for Duties and/or Taxes that may be assessed will be you're responsible.  If you are concerned about this, we recommend that you consult your local Customs office to determine these charges. Hot Shots is not responsible for Duties and/or Taxes that may be assessed by Customs upon entry.

Payment Terms:

All Imprinting Orders and small quantity orders of Blank Shot Glasses must be prepaid by making payment on our Web site Order Page. Bulk, Wholesale Orders of Blank Shot Glasses and Imprinted Shot Glasses must be prepaid by T/T Transfer or as arranged by and between Hot Shot and the Customer. All approved credit card purchases that are canceled by the customer, prior to shipment will be charged a 4% credit card cancellation fee.


It is the intent of Hot Shots to clearly describe in detail each of the above terms and conditions. If you require further clarification or additional information, please contact us.

Cancellation of Custom Imprinting Orders

Custom Imprinting Orders, that have been paid for and are in the process of being imprinted, or the imprinting has been completed........ “are not eligible” for return or refund. You may cancel an imprinting order, provided you inform Hot Shots by email or by phone, within 2 days after Hot Shots has received confirmation that your payment has been made. If a request to cancel an order is received, Hot Shots will inform the customer if they are eligible for a refund.


All Products

  • Product Image

    Tequila Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Tequila Shot Glass Frost

    144 pcs $1.19ea
  • Product Image

    Square Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.09ea
  • Product Image

    Flare Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.19ea
  • Product Image

    Fluted Base Shot Glass

    144 pcs $1.39ea
  • Product Image

    Classic Shot Glass Lite

    144 pcs $0.81ea
  • Product Image

    Classic Shot Glass Heavy

    144 pcs $0.95ea
  • Product Image

    Classi Shot Glass Frost

    144 pcs $0.89ea
  • Product Image

    Votive Shot Glass Clear

    144 pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Ceremic Shot Glass White

    144pcs $1.01ea
  • Product Image

    Ceramic Shot Glass Black

    144 pcs $1.06ea